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Yummi Karma Campfire S’mores – Tincture – 600mg THC


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We are so excited to announce the return of Campfire S’mores Drops as our second Good Karma product. This means that all purchases of Campfire S’mores will support wildfire relief in California. Now packaged using 50% less plastic and 12.5% less paper, Campfire S’mores is a “yummi” product with a larger environmental impact.

Please be advised that at higher doses, heavy sedation and psychoactive effects may be experienced with this high THC formula.  Fast-acting relief in easy-to-use drops. Comes with a measured dropper. Shake bottle well before use and place desired dose under the tongue. Let sit for 15-20 seconds before swallowing to allow drops to absorb for quicker effect.

Bottle contains ~ 600mg THC

Serving (1ml) contains ~ 20mg THC

Bottle contains ~ 30 servings


*Actual cannabinoid content may vary by bottle. Please refer to lab results located on the outer box.


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