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CANN Hi Boys – Cranberry Sage

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With 5mg of THC and a taste that’s sweet, tart and just a touch savory, the Cranberry Sage Hi Boy will make you feel a little good all winter long. With a quick onset, uplifted buzz, delicious taste, and no hangover, it’ll be your go-to beverage throughout the colder months. This seasonal flavor won’t last long, so get it before it’s gone.

Bred by Amsterdam’s T.H.Seeds, S.A.G.E. (or SAGE) is the result of crossing a Big Sur Holy mother with a male Afghani landrace.

With a THC content testing above 20%, the breeder claims the strain tends to produce uplifting effects that energize the body and calm the mind.

S.A.G.E. won 2nd Place in the Blind Test at the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup.


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