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BirthJays 24K Gold single

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Regular birthday candles have gotten old. Make your loved one’s next birthday an absolute hit with a Shine Birthjay 24K Gold Joint Birthday Candle! Each Birthjay is a pre-rolled cone that doubles as a cool birthday candle! They come with a little birthday candle that attaches to the top of the joint once it’s fully packed, and an insert at the base to keep your gold birthjay firmly placed in your cake.

These birthjays are part of a special collaboration with Shine Gold Rolling Papers. Each joint is made of the finest handcrafted edible 24K gold. A hemp blend base ensures you’ll get the smoothest burn. These joints not only look sick, but they also burn incredibly well!

Take your next birthday celebration to another level with a Shine Birthjay 24K Gold Joint Birthday Candle!


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